My professional background

I have been working for more than 20 years in the field of cultural policy and cultural management, both in the operational field (management and other management functions) as well as in research, publishing my ideas and give courses in various colleges and universities.and universities.

I approach the new challenges of the cultural and artistic environment from a global point of view, by considering the
interactions with other sectors or disciplines, in order to propose sustainable and coherent solutions.

I have been interested for several years in the opportunities new business models for culture: in fact, it is interesting to note that cultural interesting that cultural structures are organized in a relatively traditional with classical hierarchies and business models. However, both new governance models (holocracy, sociocracy, liberated enterprises etc.) as well as other economic models, such as those originating from the solidarity and circular economy, can unfold new potentials.


My research interests

Two issues are at the heart of my current research: future business models and digitization.

As public subsidies stagnate or worse decline, cultural sector actors face new challenges. A global analysis of the current business model makes it possible to strengthen the multiple facets of an organization and offer development opportunities. In addition, the range of innovative business models (open model, diversification, cross selling, UX, reorientation, long tail, etc.) can help to inspire and strengthen the cultural sector in a sustainable way without sacrificing the notion of public service.

As for digitalization, it affects culture in the broadest sense: from artistic production to distribution, including e-commerce, cultural mediation, communication, responsive marketing, community and public development, all sectors are or will be concerned.

Curriculum vitae

Anne-Catherine Sutermeister studied French literature and theatre studies at the Universities of Vienna and Montpellier. She completed her PhD at the Department for Theatre Studies at Bern University (Sous les pavés, la scène. L’émergence du théâtre indépendant en Suisse romande dans les années 60, Editions d’en-bas, Lausanne, 2000) and graduated with a MBA at Geneva University (2015). In 2009, she became the director of the “Théâtre de Jorat” of Mézières, became member of the board of Swiss Arts Council – Pro Helvetia and took over since 2010 the Department of research at La Manufacture – Haute école de théâtre de Suisse romande. From 2012 until 2019, she is Head of R&D at HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design. She published various articles on contemporary swiss theater and cultural policies (Dictionnaire du théâtre en Suisse, Dictionnaire de l’art suisse – www.sikart.ch, Revue Europe, Revue Mouvement, etc.)

She has is curated an exhibition at Fondation Martin Bodmer in Cologny on Theatre and Masks – the wonderful masks of Werner Strub, has been member of the board of the Swiss Archive of Performing Arts (www.sapa.ch).

She works now as a consultant :

– teaching cultural policies and innovative business models in the art sector;

– accomplishing  several mandates for public and private entities in the field of arts management and culture in general.